Why Going Bananas

It’s become somewhat of a conversation starter now, “Why ‘Going Bananas’?” And if you’ve met either of us, you’d agree that it suits us to the t!

We love interacting with people, hearing their stories, cracking poor (sometimes, really poor!) jokes, travelling, eating, enjoying life :)

So when Abhimanyu quit his dream job heading marketing for a sports marketing firm and Prasheila her’s managing communications for a UN agency, people only had one thing to say, “You guys are nuts! You are going bananas!” And boy, were we ;) So we decided we were going to be ‘Going Bananas Photography’!

Of course, that’s the short version! It really wasn’t as simple as that.

See the thing is, we are absolutely and completely crazy about photography. Have been since we learnt how to operate a camera.

Photography to us is not about just taking a picture or even about freezing a moment.

Think of all the emotions and thoughts that go through your mind when you see a photograph, even if you look bad in that picture. The photographs from your first birthday: how tiny you look, the sudden realisation that your parents are growing old, making fun of the cousins staring at the gifts in the picture, the smile each photograph gets from you. The photographs from your first trip with friends: the lies told by some at home to be able to go on that trip, that secret crush, the silly clothes. You get the picture (pun unintended).

THAT is what photography is for us: emotions, memories, love (we are BIG on love!). So yes, we are absolutely crazy about photography so when we thought of the name Going Bananas, it just made sense; it was, and is, very us. :)

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