You are beautiful the way you are…

What is photography about? Is it about capturing the beauty? Is it about showing the reality, no matter how harsh? Is it about showing a part of yourself? Or like other art, is it about expressing yourself and telling a story, the way you see it?

These are just some of the million thoughts that crossed our minds, as we wrapped up a phenomenal Day 1 at Silk Inspire 2016, India’s first wedding photography festival.


You can only have a GREAT day when you are in the company of the likes of Sephi Bergerson, Franck Boutonnet, Apresh Chavda, Susana Barbera, Erika and Lanny Mann, Christophe Viseux, Rocio Vega Veroa, Joseph Radhik and Mahesh Shantaram.

And getting a signed print from Franck for Abhimanyu’s powers of observation was like the cherry on the cake :D

Franck Boutonnet

The day was about introspection, appreciating our couples, appreciating ourselves, seeing some inspiring work, and SO MUCH thinking!

Thank you Silk Photos for putting this amazing festival together, for getting together some really inspiring photographers from around the world on one platform, and giving us all this opportunity to interact with wedding photographers from across the country.

It was also extremely humbling for Abhimanyu to receive a place in the top 5 photographers from amongst 300+ photo series submitted to the first edition of Silk Awards. Thank you Silk and all the panelists for this honour and congratulations to all the winners!

Divyata and Amit’s wedding is without doubt one of our favourite weddings till date. While you may have already read their wedding story on our Facebook page, imagine a bride who handpainted over 200 bottles to use as centerpieces at her wedding, a bride so comfortable with who she is that she did not put any makeup, families so loving and affectionate, and a day that was a true celebration of love!

Here is the photo series that made Abhimanyu’s entry:

When we look back at Divyata and Amit’s wedding, and when we look back at the lessons we learnt on Day 1 at Silk Inspire, only one thought comes to mind, “You are beautiful the way you are.”

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Prasheila + Abhimanyu

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