REAL WEDDING: Vriti + Kapil

When we shot Karan and Vriti in 2013, we didn’t know we would also meet their best friends Kapil and Vriti, respectively (yes, these are both Vritis and they are great friends, so try not getting confused). Kapil and Vriti did not know each other then… but one of them knew they were going to have a destination wedding…
but neither knew who they were going to get married to…
One of them knew they were going to invite us to cover their wedding…
and then Kapil got married to Vriti…
no, not Vriti, Vriti…
Vriti got married to Karan…
so Kapil got married to Vriti…
the other Vriti…


Karan’s engagement in 2013. Kapil is Karan’s best friend…in fact, he is so ‘best’ that Kapil actually helps Karan get dressed and ready for his engagement…ties his tie…ices his shave-cut…spruces him up…and even cuts Karan’s brand new pant’s tag with the hotel butter knife (while he himself is in a bath-robe, still to get ready!…and yes, we do have a photo of this :P)
He just wants to make sure that his best friend Karan is looking his dapper best on his engagement! He even tells Karan, “Bhaai, you are looking amazing…go ahead to the function…I will just get ready and join you after.”

Wow! What a best friend! Right? :) Wrong!

*cool waxes and gels come out…a range of perfumes and fragrances suddenly show up…the best man’s-grooming products are here!*
Kapil just wanted to take more time getting ready so he could impress all the other ladies out there ;) Hehehe.

And as we left the hotel room with Karan, Kapil tells us, “I am going to have a destination wedding (FYI, he has no idea who he is getting married to at the time) and I am inviting you guys to cover the functions (FYI, he has no idea when or where the wedding is going to happen at the time)”

Fast forward 20 minutes. Karan’s puja is on. Kapil FINALLY enters!
*slow-mo…drum-roll…the dashing Kapil is here!*

Fast forward another 10 minutes. Karan’s puja is over and the beautiful Vriti enters, along with her other friends…and one of them is the bubbly, smiling, always-graceful, Vriti…(the OTHER Vriti; not the one whose engagement it is. Catching on, yet?)
*slow-mo…heads-turn…the crowd goes mute…a beautiful jingle plays…Vriti is here*

And just before Karan & Vriti exchange rings, something happens…time-stops…Kapil sees Vriti (the OTHER Vriti…for those of you who still haven’t caught on, there is no hope for you :P)…and then, Vriti catches Kapil’s gaze…

“Nazarain mili, Dil Dhadka…Meri Dhadkan ne kahaaa…Love youuu…”
Sorry, we digress…back to story!

Fast forward 20 months!

We are invited to cover Kapil and Vriti’s wedding (just like Kapil said) at a beautiful destination (just like Kapil said) and what a fantastic wedding it is! :)

Amazing location, serene ambience, wonderful lighting, lovely people, fantastic families and such a beautiful couple.

A special shout-out to the entire Daddy-Cool gang, the really sweet Divya, Deepti, Dolly and the totally amazing Sanchit & Nitika :)

MUA: Jasmeet Kapany
Venue: River View Retreat, Jim Corbett
Vriti’s wedding outfit: Frontier Raas
Kapil’s wedding outfit: Antardesi (Shahpur Jat)
Decor: Kamakshi Kothiwal (The Wedding Planning Company)
Music: DJ Gunjan
Choreography: Surjit and Vicky



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