REAL WEDDING: Divyata + Amit

In the first meeting with Divyata, uncle and aunty, we knew that we were covering this wedding no matter what (even if we had to crash it)! We knew this was going to be a wedding to remember! DIY décor and an oh-so-chilled-out bride—woohoo!

Intimate – the one word that comes to mind every time we think of that foggy, misty morning that eventually turned into a beautiful and warm winter afternoon. Nothing could have been more perfect; it was exactly what we had dreamed of!

How often we (read as, everyone else, not us :P) talk about the bride being the centre of the wedding-universe (don’t worry guys, Abhimanyu stands for groom-power!) and the groom is side-lined. Well, with a bride as amazing and chilled out as Divyata and a groom as…as…well, he just wanted an elephant…as long as there is an elephant, there will be a wedding…lol…just kidding! (or are we? ;) ) …groom as nice and sweet as Amit, nothing could have gone wrong in any case.

Here was not just a couple, but two families, that were so simple and sweet and loving that we knew it was going to be an amazing day, no matter what!

And an amazing day it was. It didn’t start out as one though ;) With drapes in neon pinks and oranges and yellows hugging the sprawling, lush, green-grassy lawn, everyone wanted a bright, sun-lit afternoon wedding.

But, the morning saw one of the densest fogs that winter. Visibility was so low that doing the var-maala could have been tricky ;P (we were thinking of making sure no one else besides Divyata and Amit should be on stage during that time :P )

And in that foggy morning, Amit’s awesome elephant-baraat started dancing down Janpath, in the heart of Central Delhi! Since Amit lives in UK (and supports the Indian cricket team :P :P :P – Yes Amit, this just happened and there’s nothing you can do about it! ;) ) all his English friends were dancing to Dhinchak-Dhinchak, and we saw something we didn’t know existed – “Tourist Police”! Caught a photo of it, too!

In one of the sweetest gestures by a bride, Divyata said she wants to be accompanied by her father, rather than make her entry under the usual Phoolon ki Chadar. And just as Divyata stepped out with uncle (to the song “Tu ne maari entry”), the first crack in the dense fog appeared and a ray of sunshine streamed down! It was as if God was shining a spot-light down on us – it was divine, as was the wedding.

One of the most amazing DIY ideas ever (truly, genuinely, DIY) were the 200-plus alcohol bottles Divyata hand-painted as decor for the wedding! :D
(Amit got to empty all the bottles…or, did he? :P )

A very special mention to Divyata’s sisters – Urvashi and Aditi (soul sisters rock!) :) Always full of energy and smiles, they made it easy to get amazing photos. (And Aditi, thank you sooo much for not suing us! :P )

We wish to say a special thank you to uncle and aunty, who told us that we have full creative freedom to shoot as we want to. It meant so much to us, and we instantly wanted to cover this beautiful day.

All of this was only topped by the love and warmth that was shown by the entire family :) Thank you so much for making us part of your lives :D

Divyata’s MuA: No one! (yes, no one, D had no makeup on! Who needs makeup when your happiness is just shining through :D)
Divyata’s lehenga: Anarkali, Karol Bagh


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