REAL WEDDING: Dipika + Rudro

There are awesome couples and then there are Rudro&Dipika couples (yes, as of today R&D is an adjective)!!

Rudro and Dipika (and it’s Di, not Dee – unless you want eternal wrath to be unleashed!) met in Mumbai many moons ago, when Dipika decided to run away from the UK (okay, no she didn’t really run away) to…oh wait no, we can’t get into the “real” story of how and WHEN they met on a public forum…So let’s just stick to how awesomer-than-awesome this awesome couple is!

Look we love allll our couples. We have been extremely fortunate to work with some truly amazing people out there, who are now our friends. It’s been such a fruitful journey so far. :)

Rudro and Dipika were starting their pan-India wedding celebrations with an intimate wedding at Chomu Palace. They called it their version of how they wanted things. The time, effort and attention to detail these two put into everything was just something else. And the way they (and Sandeep, Remoni and Bibash, we haven’t forgotten you!) worked with us to make sure everything went smoothly from a coverage perspective was nothing short of spectacular! From Sandeep moving the location of the ribbon-cutting ceremony by a few metres so that we get a perfect shot of Rudro entering on his ghodi, to Dipika getting a part of her makeup done on the terrace for some gorgeous natural light photos; from Rudro and Dipika taking time out between ceremonies for us to make some beautiful images for them, to Rudro agreeing to get ready on the terrace, these guys made our so-called “job” so much fun!

And, of course, how can we not mention Dipika running away during her getting-ready session!! No, not coz of cold feet, but because of the excitement and the rare opportunity to see the baraat in hiding. Hehe We like to call it Crouching Dipika, Hidden Bride! :-P

Though we do think one of the funniest moments was Bibash announcing that everyone has to get off the dance floor (when lord Yo! Yo! Singh’s ‘abhi to party shuru hui hai’ was playing) and go eat! While people got off the floor thoroughly confused, the friends and family put up a smashing flash mob to “Cheerleader”. (It’s a different story though that the DJ ended up playing a different version of the song! But you all pulled it off without a glitch :D)

From Abhimanyu irritating Rudro’s mom by unleashing his omni-candid-super-power (she has the cutest Punjabi dialect, ever!), to receiving Dipika’s dad’s bear-hugs; from insightful conversations with Rudro’s dad, to the sweet sound of Dipika’s mum saying, “aapne kuchh khaya? pehele kha lo, photography hoti rehegi”…guys, you have the sweetest, most awesome parents ever…and their love and affection still gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling! :) Please tell them how much we love them.

We are truly fortunate to have gained two more amazing friends in you. And yes, we will say this on a public forum, not just our Whatsapp group, we miss you guys!!!!!!

“Bride Approved!” ;)

Dipika’s wedding lehenga: Seasons (Mumbai); Rudro’s wedding outfit: Sharbari Datta, Kolkata
Dipika’s hair and makeup: Makeup by Kaveri, Kaverii Uppal, Mumbai/Jaipur
Decorator: Anju Mahesh, Jaipur


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