REAL WEDDING: Archana + Samir

Floral tiaras sourced from Bangkok, custom-printed cushions, handmade bangles backdrop, jewellery designed by the bride herself, a to-do list, a wedding planning notebook; what did this superb, colourful, full-of-love wedding not have!!

It is always so much fun to shoot weddings where everyone from the younger siblings (Ashu and Alka, you ROCK!), to the parents are super involved in making sure that every tiny detail is thought of and planned in advance. We learnt so much about wedding planning from this wedding!! hehe ;) ;)

The one (okay, two!) thing we MUST MUST MUST mention is how Alka and Ashu were on top of everything, and always available to provide us a helping hand. And really all three of them, Archana, Alka and Ashu, are the CRAZIEST, most FUN siblings we have ever met. While Ashu and Abhimanyu really bonded over (let’s face it) Manyu’s poor jokes, the girls bonded over everything else!

Okay, okay let’s not forget Samir in all of this! A super-nice guy, whose comic timing is epic; generally not too talkative, but when he does speak, peals of laughter follow!

Uncle and Aunty, made us feel that we should really just be drinking chaai and eating pakode all the time :D One of the sweetest, head-over-heels in love couple, with a super-fun streak! They wanted to be part of a jumping shot with the kids! hehe

Met some really really sweet friends. Muki, Arushi, Astha, Dhriti…thanks for being great company! :D

Everything from Ashu struggling with the ladder on the rooftop, to Samir wearing the floral tiara; from bread-pakoras at the mehendi (see how food gets mentioned before wedding functions :P) to the amazing customised handmade bangles with cute little Rajasthani elephants (which we called first dibs on, so we are getting them!!! :D ); from Samir and Archana’s awesome performance on the Sangeet to Samir’s solo I-have-no-clue-what-I-am-doing performance :P ; from Muki getting way too serious (read as, okay-then-let’s-see-who-can-jump-the-highest-so-I-will-first-remove-my-heels!) about a fun jumping shot to the EPIC to-do wedding list (which had more stick-it notes than pages)!!! :D

What a wonderful way to spend a few gorgeous winter days!

Oh and thank you (Ashu and uncle) for introducing us to the Paper Boat tetrapacks! Jaljeera ufff! Awesomeness unlocked!

Archana’s MuA: Radhika Kapoor
Choreographer for Sangeet: Jagriti Kumar
Archana’s wedding lehenga: Aza

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