Get everything in writing!

Just wanted to share an experience from a recent wedding we shot that pretty much summarises the need to ALWAYS have something in writing with all your wedding partners…

Our Delhi bride had booked a make-up artist (MuA) from out of town, and this is the scene that unfolded an hour before she was to head down to the wedding venue. The bride had no idea that the MuA charges double his usual charges when he shoots out of town or that she was supposed to pay his fare extra! The MuA argued that it was obvious that he wouldn’t travel out of his city to work in his regular charges and that he had informed her about this on a call, and the bride was quite sure that this was never communicated to her. Total communication breakdown in the bridal room, with the MuA and the bride in tears! Not the frame of mind you’d want to start your wedding with…

The only way the bride was able to leave her room was for me to tell the MuA that the bride would call her in a couple of days and sort this out, this was neither the time nor place to clarify terms.

As a partner, please always make sure that you communicate in writing (emails, whatsapp, SMS, anything!) with your brides, grooms and the families about everything beforehand.

And if it’s your wedding, please remember to get everything in writing from all your partners (from deliverables, timelines, inclusions, exclusions) to avoid last-minute hassles and tears.

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PS: May be I should start a “wedding disaster management” firm on the side :P

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