#PlanningNotPlanning: The Bachelorette

As wedding photographers, we are often asked how we would plan our own wedding, or the more dreaded “But who will shoot your wedding?

While the second often leads to palpitations, the first is easier to answer!

The first thing to do is to get your priorities straight. Work-shurk will keep happening, but what you need to do first is plan (and go!) on your bachelorette. Yes, forget actually setting a date for the wedding. I mean, priorities!

And no, I am not kidding. That is exactly what I did!

So when the stars aligned, and my girls were going to be free to travel, I did what any sane not-to-be-a-bride-anytime-soon would do. BACHELORETTE! YEAAAAAH! WOOHOO!

Neither my friends nor I wanted any serious party scene, we just wanted to go somewhere and chill. We looked at options like Coorg, Phuket, Bali, Maldives, Las Vegas was mentioned once, and then we turned to the mountains! We were planning this for May, so the setting was perfect.

After several late-night calls and extensive research, we found a GORGEOUS property in the hills called Jilling Terraces, and planned to do what none of us had done in a long, long time. Nothing, absolutely nothing. We ate, slept, stared at the mountains endlessly, took in a solid dose of vitamin D—literally had breakfast watching the sunrise, lunch under a tree, and dinner under a clear starry sky. (On a separate note, the food at Jilling is nothing short of amazing! The most delicious non-veg we have had!)

I know what you are thinking, well isn’t that just a girls’ trip then?! Well, see, no. Firstly, the most irrefutable evidence: our Whatsapp group is called “Bacherlorettew/oWedding;)”. Secondly, I really did plan it as my bachelorette :)

I wrote individual letters for my friends, put together a gift tote full of awesome stuff, and got custom silk robes made for all of us (these will later be used when we are getting ready on the big day :) ). Each canvas tote reflected the personality/traits of the person it was for, and was filled with this-and-that that I went on to collect from different shops and portals—Korean sheet masks, hand cream, lip balm, body scrub, sunscreen, and what not, and my personal favourite: books from Roger Hargreaves’ “Little Miss” series specific to each person. So we had Little Miss Whoops (my very accident-prone first friend ever), Little Miss Bossy (if you know her, you would know why!) and Little Miss Scatterbrain (who, by the way, couldn’t make it to the trip last minute); and a Little Miss Busy t-shirt for myself hehe I may have had more fun putting this all together than my friends had when they got them. :P

My friends, of course, had no idea what I had planned. I made them carry dresses under the pretext of “We’ll take some nice photos”, and asked them to wear them the first morning we were there. I requested the staff at Jilling (who by the way, are the most super-nice, amazing, no-adjectives-to-describe people!) to setup our breakfast table outdoors, under a beautiful kafal tree, with an OMG view of the mountains. Of course, my friends thought that the totes were props for photos LOL And only figured that they each had a specific one when I not-so-gently pointed them in the right direction :)

All in all, the bachelorette was exactly what I wanted: quality time with my girls, chilling, and a whole lot of laughter! I couldn’t have asked more from my first bachelorette :) [We are currently planning one in Amsterdam for obvious reasons ;) and this time I assume I will be getting some gifts <hint> <hint>]

Totes from Lemon Trunk
Robes by SilkAndMore
Location: Jilling Terraces, Matial
Photography: Prasheila, Sneha (Prasheila’s photos) and selfies! (using tables and books as tripods, coz *someone* forgot the tripod in the taxi in Delhi!)

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