A little about our new website and logo

If you are reading this, somewhere on the world wide web you read that the awesome-twosome at Going Bananas Photography have just launched their new website and logo. Thank you for taking time out to come check us out. If you happened to come across us randomly, welcome!

So while we are still uploading our older blog posts, and making sure the website is working smoothly (do let us know if you come across any dead links or bugs), we thought you would like to know why our website and logo look the way they do :)

We always wanted a minimalist, clean, website, where the design did not overpower our work. This thought probably stemmed from the fact that we are minimalist, clean (we shower everyday, okay almost everyday) people. The only colour on the website is in our photos, with a few hidden pops of colour [mostly purple (we LOVE everything purple) and yellow (coz you know, bananas)] here and there. When we came across the lovely people at NorthFolk via ProPhoto, we knew we had found the one! It was hard easy getting everything EXACTLY the way we wanted to coz we couldn’t agree on anything are extremely chilled out, and being non-techies ProPhoto was the PERFECT solution for us.

For the logo, we knew we wanted something quirky and fun, like our name. Even so, when Akshan, our designer, showed us the first cut, it was not what we expected at all and we LOVED it! It was so us! Our caricatures in camera-form, who would have thunk!

After months of tweaking, arguing agreeing on tiny details, the Going Bananas Photography website is up for you to see :) You will see a lot of work here that we have previously not shared, read about our latest exploits in the world of photography and otherwise, get advice on weddings in general, and a lot more. This is our own little space in the big, bad world of the Internet and we mean to use it well.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us :)

Spread the love,

Prasheila + Abhimanyu

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