Yes, we are “candid wedding photographers” or “mood photographers” or “contemporary wedding photographers”. But we are really just photographers. :) Photographers who gave up their busy corporate lives for an even busier one running a photography business. Some people think Going Bananas Photography is just Abhimanyu Sharma, while some others think it is just the brainchild of Prasheila Lookhar, but we are two :) Two people as different as chalk as cheese, yet as compatible as pen and paper. Going Bananas Photography is both of us, a place for us to come together and create something beautiful, create something with love.

Based in Delhi (and sometimes in Toronto), we shoot everything from destination weddings to small, intimate functions in backyards. Photography has now become the by-product of a lifestyle where we get to meet people from all walks of life, hear their stories, be a part of their special moments and make some amazing lifelong friends. The end game is happiness, and a feeling of fulfillment that we believe can only be achieved when you are doing something you love.


Him: Terminator 2 while eating pizza and coke | Her: The Millennium Trilogy by the beach

Him: Butter Chicken & Chicken Biryani at a Dhaba | Her: Choco-chip ice-cream in front of the TV

Him: Cricket on a seaming track | Her: GTA on the XBOX

Him: Her chocolate cake | Her: His mom’s paranthas

BOTH: Shooting beautiful moments at weddings

If you like any of the above, we should connect! :D


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PS: Besides weddings and couple shoots, we also do other “kinds” of photography: food, portraits, landscape, experiments! We sometimes take on interesting assignments for reason no other than the fact that they interest us. If you believe we can work together or collaborate on something fun, please feel free to get in touch.

PPS: Thanks for making it to the end of the page!

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